The saying goes, “ You can perceive a lot about a man by looking at his shoes.”

However this phrase redefines itself when it comes to women. It goes like this, “A woman’s handbag personifies her “

So believe it or not, the type of handbag you carry reveals a lot more about you than your personal sense of style.


The Tote

A lady with a tote is ready is a woman on a mission prepared for every eventuality!

If you find yourself inclined toward totes then you find yourself prepared for anything, which is why you need a bag large enough to carry everything you need for unforeseen emergencies or otherwise.

You are thoughtful planner and very rarely get stuck without something that you need.


The Clutch

If a clutch is your thing, then you are an icon of sheer envy! You are gifted with the art of getting through your eventful day, without having to worry about not carrying your entire world by your side.

Any woman who can make do with a small bag carrying only their necessities – wallet, keys, phone and glasses – has mastered the art of organization and never has to wade through a pile of sweet wrappers or old receipts to find their mobile phone.

You are the perfect blend of minimalistic and fancy and the feeling of holding a clutch empowers your style drive


The Messenger Bag

Easy-going and laid back, you just throw your essentials and some books in your messenger, and you’re good to go. You rarely get stressed, and you like to be on the go, perfectly portraying a cool sense of independence and casual brio. You find the messenger bag to be a versatile fashion accessory with its numerous styles to go with almost any type of outfit be it Power dressing or the laid back bohemian chic.

The BackPack

Being adventurous and super active is a part of your charm. Making last minute plans if your forté. You are always on the move and hence you require a bag that supports your energetic lifestyle. Similar to the tote-wielding girl, you’re usually prepared for most situations but you like more comfort.
You are practical and down-to-earth and prefer to keep things easily-at-hand.


The Arm-carry Bag 

Independent and fashionable, the arm-carry bag fits in the crook of your arm, which puts out a slightly sassy attitude, but it’s because you’re confident. You’re up to date on the latest trends and like to be sophisticated.
You are a woman who knows what she wants and exactly how to get it!

You take a lot of pride I your appearance and quietly enjoy all the attention that comes your way!