Destination Fashion


6 bags. 6 looks. 6 fashion capitals. 1 blogger.

Images introduces Destination Fashion. StylishByNature, a savvy fashion blogger, creates 6 looks with 6 Images bags, inspired by the 6 fashion capitals, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, New York, London and finally Mumbai. As any globetrotting fashionista can testify, these are the style metropolises of the world. In the streets of these metropolitans, are throngs of swanky and well-dressed individuals with statement-making styling choices and voguish fashion proclamations.

StylishByNature, a.k.a. Shalini Chopra fabulous fashionista and spunky stylist, is at the forefront of street fashion, lifestyle and vintage styling. The femme à la mode embodies the quirky, snazzy and ritzy modern woman. Not only does she style elegantly, but also imparts nifty styling tips and tricks to her readers.

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