The art, that is zardozi  work, is slowly vanishing.  Images’ evening collection is an ode to reprising this lost art. Our evening bag range comprises raffia bags with various custom-designed embellishments and stones in addition to a host of hand embroidered zardozi work wristlets, batwas and clutches. We also offer Gara-work and Kashmiri-work items that are almost impossible to find elsewhere.  Images is among the very few designers  of ladies handbags that still admire and celebrate this lost art. The resurrection of this beautiful and understated technique of crafting bags is what Images believes in. Images has created an entire line of batwas, potli bags, wristlets, box frames and clutches in celebration of and in reverence to this art.

Originated in Iran, Zardozi work is the epitome of classic exuberance. It is the work that was adorned by generations of monarchy in our country. However, this art form seems to be losing its identity in modern times. Images solemnly believes in breathing new life into this art form. The fine metal thread is woven so meticulously that it makes clothing look divine. This type of work is used in embellishing our vast array  of purses and potlis. This work is so elegant it complements every outfit and can be dressed up or down according to your whims. It is a taste of the old world while still keeping it sophisticated and modern.

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