About Us

Since 1981, IMAGES has positioned itself at the forefront of grace, elegance and innovation while creating svelte handbags and leather goods, functional to all. With its flagship store situated in the heart of South Mumbai and also having established itself in over forty cities across the country, IMAGES has laid its primary focus on creating strong customer experiences and relationships.

Through our wide range of quality and trendy designs, our customers’ need for fashionable, chic and boutique products is always met. IMAGES is embodied through care and intelligence with the aim of laying emphasis on constant innovation in designs, contemporary expression and customer satisfaction.

Showcasing value, dignity, along with luxury, grandeur, and sophistication, IMAGES stands as a brand of true fashion. IMAGES brings forth a wide range of ladies handbags arraying from diverse leathers to synthetic prints and materials to Indian zardozi work that have been specially selected and crafted from start to finish. Each product has been finely finished and caters to every occasion – from zardozi and raffia wedding bags to chic and modern clutches and from trendy fashion bags to elegant evening bags.

IMAGES also offers various men's items such as leather office desk sets, travel accessories, wallets and belts to suit the changing taste of the fashionable man of today. All our products are hand-crafted to precision to meet all our customer’s needs. We have a diverse range of materials and fittings that simply enhance the modernity and elegance of our contemporary and innovative designs and styles. Every fitting used in the creation of our products are individually selected and bear our stylistic markings.

We encapsulate a strong sense of truly aspirational, luxurious and quality-driven style.