Product Care


At IMAGES, our handmade products are a true luxury and our artisanal methods of fusing leather and hand-woven chattais along with an amalgamation of faux leather prints, and designing intricate hand embroideries using age-old techniques, are at the very heart of the process. The precious skills of local artisans highlight the beautiful nature of the leathers and allows for the rich materials to be woven meticulously into each piece. In an age where technology is capable of creating almost anything, the golden touch of the artisan's hands still wields the potential to produce beauty that can be never replicated.


The synthesis of fine leathers and hand-woven chattais lends an ageless charm to each of our designs. Each of our products are made using carefully sourced faux leather, pure Indian silks, natural brocades, velvets and highest grade leathers. The silks, tissues and velvets are used as a base to develop the most intricate of hand embroideries that are quintessentially Indian.


  • Store in a cool and dry place;
  • During storage, maintain the paper stuffing provided with each bag in order to retain the shape;
  • Store in the cloth bag provided;
  • Clean with a soft, dry and clean cloth;
  • Air the product frequently to avoid fungus build-up;
  • Protect from possible falls, ink stains, sharp objects, water, grease etc.; and
  • Handle it with LOVE!